Episode 15: Life 3 suitcases at a time

Joining today from Brunei is Kristin Bond an English as a second language teacher born in Canada and on her fourth country in less than a decade. Telling us about her own evolution cannot be unwound from the countries that she has lived in or the friends she has made and it is just the start of her story. She quickly admits that “I am a much better person having moved abroad” because of the experiences and people that she has been exposed to who would have never crossed her path in her hometown of Nelson, Canada.

Kristin explains that each country has had “unique challenges” to her Canadian roots, but that with the help of other global expats she has found her tribe. “You are all there for an adventure” she says when explaining why these people become friends and chosen family to her, “you find your people so fast”.

Kristin Bond 2

While acknowledging that it isn’t always easy to be far from home Kristin tells us that the challenges of culture and language can be rewarding with the right attitude.

As much as it can be frustrating in my day to deal with some of the cultural issues, I kinda like it….Wherever you go there’s so many opportunities-Kristin Bond

Making friends in a new place isn’t easy, but she now has collected a network of friends across the world because of her experiences and has no regrets that she hasn’t settled down yet.

I acquire experiences and knowledge, that’s what life is about-Kristin Bond

Clearly she doesn’t feel bad about not getting that dream house full of stuff and lives life in a simple way that means it will only take a few suitcases to pack on her way to her next adventure.

This post is part of a series on Citizens of the World. These citizens of everywhere and nowhere are choosing to craft the life of their dreams by making the place they live just a part of the story of their lives. This is the second podcast in our series and if you liked it, listen to Allie tell her story in Episode 8: The determination to make it work.

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  1. noura says:

    Miss Kristin Bond was my 8th grade English teacher, omg.


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