Episode 16: If you love it, it’s not work

On what appears to be a life journey towards having tried her hand at everything, Deb Maybury proudly considers herself a Jack of all Trades. When asked how sometimes seemingly disconnected topics keep pushing her down new paths, she says “I’m following my skill sets, my interests, and what I love to do.” When asked how she fits it all into her busy schedule, Deb tells us that priorities are critical to her success, and that sometimes something has to go in order for something new to come in. “It’s more about what I choose not to do I think.”

She talks candidly about how all of her passions are fuelled by her desire to never stop learning and tells us that “In order to be the best in anything you have to practice. And practice, and practice.” No matter what though, we have to love what we do in order to discover mastery. “If you love it, it’s not work.”

Deb at Dare

Deb’s desire to live a life “always being curious” has led her down a number of paths from taking on every sport she can, facilitating complex topics, writing two books, and completing her first studio album coming out in March. Her values and actions are in direct relation when you ask her about the importance of community and what it means to her to give back to the wold she lives in.

As a facilitator my job is to listen, first and foremost but also to point out how inspired I am by that person.-Deb Maybury

When asked about how her values might change another person’s world she is quick to say that she does the best with what she has, but that we need to think about the impact we might have on others.

You never know how what you say is going to impact somebody else. Wouldn’t you rather inspire somebody?-Deb Maybury

Clearly Deb Maybury does not believe in limits and has spent her life breaking ground in everything from women’s sport to the arts and from the looks of it she is just getting warmed up.

This post is a part of the Ground Breaker Series on Critically Drinking. Give a listen to some of our other ground breakers here.

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