Citizens of the World

Have you ever wanted to see what life looks like in another country? Wondered how it would feel to completely immerse yourself in another culture or country?

These people have crafted new lives more than once by changing their scenery and tearing their lives apart.

The truth is that it is not all fun adventures and air miles. Creating a life in a new country is complicated. It requires work to develop your network, building new friendships and silly things like finding the right place to get good coffee.

Through the series we discover the trials and tribulations of changing your environment can do for your ability to rebound and find strength within ourselves.

They also show us that it takes work to create a new life, but that with that work we can do and be whatever we want and might just inspire you to do a little re-creation in your own way without ever getting on a plane.

Sound like your thing? Listen to Allie talk about why it takes effort in Episode 8: The determination to make it work. Or hear how Kristin feels that the right attitude and a desire for adventure can make cultural variances part of the fun of living somewhere new in Episode 15: Life 3 suitcases at a time.

Better yet, save yourself the effort and check out the playlist below.

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