The Groundbreakers

Groundbreakers are often described as the people who choose to disrupt the status quo. Those that are not willing or capable of accepting things just as they are, but insist on challenging ideas and norms in their personal and professional lives.

The Critically Drinking Groundbreaker can be described as all of these things but on speed. These individuals are not just challenging the norm, they are busting through it with chainsaws and bulldozers.

The one thing you can say about each of them is that they do not wait for something to be created, they instigate the making of everything from businesses to new versions of themselves and couldn’t be more interesting to listen to.

Check out Samara in Episode 3: Mind the Thigh Gap who teaches us to #failfast #embracethefear and be #prettygnarly all at the same time as providing insight on healthy body image and being a girl in business.

If you like that you will love Senka Radonich in Episode 5: Don’t should all over yourself where she discusses the idea that our someday lists may never come if we aren’t willing to get off the couch and try.

Find inspiration from the lady that inspired the series itself with Anna Gustafson in Episode 9: The Currency of Happiness where she talks about her suitcase full of talents and how being braver might just allow us to find the greatness we have inside us.

Discover what it means to embrace the challenge of taking on everything you love with Deb Maybury in Episode 16: If you love it, it’s not work where she tells us that when you articulate your goals and really work for them, they often come into fruition.

Or you can take the easy route and check out the Critically Drinking Groundbreakers playlist below.

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