Episode 23: Something I’ve been meaning to tell you

Today’s episode is all about creating clarity about what content in the media is doing to our consumption habits and how it makes us feel.

First, I need to make a confession. I got busy. Now busy isn’t an excuse for anything, but busy was quickly followed by being overwhelmed. The messages in the media and the content I was consuming became more and more hateful during the lead up to the US election last year.

I was saddened to discover that friends and relatives were trolls and in some cases full of anger and venom and that was something that I just couldn’t take. So… I went dark. From social media and content creation to recording and publishing episodes of this podcast, I chose silence.

What I forgot during this time of hiding my head in the sand was that the only way to slow down the hate and ugly in the world is to dilute it with good. If we take in good, that is what we start to see in the world around us. Things like bias and hate can only grow if their messages outnumber the great ones.

“If we take in positivity and great hopes for humanity that is what we embody”-Erin Burrell

It’s time for us as content creators to share stories of inspiration and hope so that we can be a part of the world we know can exist.

What I’m reading, watching, and listening to:


The Color Purple by Alice Walker– a story of religion, triumph, and self-discovery

On Competition by Michael Porter-one of the best business books of all time


Brooklyn 99-laugh and enjoy

Jane the Virgin- hard not to become consumed by a modern masterpiece


Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais-every episode takes you on a quest

Personality Hackers– Myers-Briggs meets modern common sense

Fly My Pretties-ensemble music that tells a beautiful story

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