Episode 21: Oh hey! Girls drink beer

The phrase madly in love with beer doesn’t even begin to describe Ren Navarro. As one of the five founders of The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, you would guess that she has been known to imbibe in fermented hops and barley from time to time, but she is so much more than just a gal who drinks beer.

Ren Navarro Critically Drinking Podcast
Ren Navarro-Real Lady-Beer Sommelier

The Society is pretty focused on being a part of a fully inclusive environment and while they stand behind the ladies only until midnight rule it isn’t a hard stop. “You identify as a woman, you like beer. Come on down”. SOBDL is not just about beer either. They also are proud supporters of the Canadian Women’s Foundation and as Ren puts it “Use their powers for good” by drinking beer and supporting the cause “how could you go wrong with that?” It’s added up to a lot of support raising more than $10,000 for the charity since they started.

“How is it that the beer industry says that women don’t drink beer?” Ren Navarro

Telling us that her “inner artist likes the creation” of beer is just the beginning of the flavour notes that describe Ren. A passionate believer that you can crush stereotypes and try new things she advocates for the “just go on do it approach”. Motivated by a curious mind and a love for all things beer and photography related she is filling her days with a long list of different creative pursuits that keep her excited about life. “Life is too short to be like: I just did one thing”.

“I feel like if I’d done it differently I wouldn’t have ended up here” Ren Navarro

You can find Ren on Twitter or Instagram. Follow her, you won’t be disappointed.

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