Episode 17: More than one project in the drawer

When you trip across a talented lady like Kathryn Burnett you think of all of the things that she has done. After spending more than a decade in writing for television, Kathryn has produced and written plays, designed and facilitated workshops and much more.

As an individual her writing and production credits are impressive, but when you add that to the list of people she has helped create something of their own, you discover a talent that goes beyond the page.

Kathryn Burnett Critically Drinking Podcast
Kathryn Burnett: Teacher, facilitator, screenwriter, creativity coach

When asked about how sharing opportunities might limit the chances she has to be successful in such a competitive industry she tells us that “the biggest competitor I have is myself”. This universal truth in the creative landscape comes through even more clearly when she discusses how there are always going to be more writers than occasions for getting the work seen. It’s this idea that motivates her to keep working on projects new and old as it is critical “to have more than one project in the drawer” as this will help to be prepared when the opportunities arise.

“Get to the page and do the damn work.”-Kathryn Burnett

Kathryn is inspired by people all around her. Both by friends and peers have been able to cheer her on in hard times and helped to maintain her momentum when things get good. I started getting support from people I really valued and that strengthened me. It was this support that taught her to begin to live a lifestyle of generosity and find inspiration and collaboration from the community around her.

“People that have vision are intoxicating”-Kathryn Burnett

Kathryn is an inspiring part of the New Zealand creative community and we are sure to see exciting things coming from her in the near future. Don’t forget to find her on her website or over on Twitter in order to stay in the loop with her newest projects.

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