Episode 9: The currency of happiness

Anna Gustafson is an entrepreneur, an advocate, and so much more. After years working full-time as a stand-up comic Anna decided to move to the other side of the stage to create and produce the SheDot Festival creating more opportunities to see North America’s most talented female comedians. While all she has accomplished in this area would be more than enough for most people, but this lady is not one to sit back and relax.

What makes her inspiring is the realisation that Anna is so much more than just comedy, she spends her time writing, blogging about a wide variety of topics over at Too Convoluted, and even has time to work as an advocate and fundraiser for the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.

It’s this unique blend of skills as a comedian and advocate that has Anna working to share the ideas she is most passionate about because people hear better when a message is wrapped in humour”. As a keynote speaker extraordinaire, (see her Ted talk here)  this lady will have you motivated to change the world in just minutes.

If you are paying attention, doors open all the time-Anna Gustafson

She talks about the balance of income and happiness and laughs as she tells us if I worked this hard and all the decisions were about money, I would be a really wealthy person because I work very hard. But instead of coveting money and despite her love for boots that fill the gaps in her self-esteem she tells us that there is a currency in happiness and that it adds more value to life than a bigger bank account.

Her humility and power as a comedian come through as she discusses the quest for the next big thing if you think you have arrived, you are doing something wrong. Because…nobody every gets there really. Even with this fact firmly in place her desire to keep pushing her boundaries comes through as she admits that I gotta get braver and that the world is too small to burn a bridge.


TEDxstage copy
Anna Gustafson TedX Powell River


Clearly Anna Gustafson can do #allthethings and when I grow up I want to be just like her!

This post is a part of the Ground Breaker Series on Critically Drinking. Give a listen to some of our other ground breakers here.

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