Episode 7: Guilty pleasures and office Avengers

Petula Neale is a lot of things, but her passion sits in the role of movie advocate, fan, and critic. She runs an outstanding movie review and commentary site and podcast that can be found on In a Tiff.

Today we talk about a few movies that pass the Bechdel test as well as some other guilty pleasures including musicals and ultra-violent picks.

Petula Neale-Writer, podcaster, movie critic
Petula Neale-Writer, podcaster, movie critic

In the process of discussing movies, we also dive into the concept that movies are one of the only places a grown adult can really display their feelings. Movies allow you to feel along with them (characters) as a bit of an emotional surrogateIn real life, you are always blocked by what is ok to feel.

You can always translate what you take from a movie into real life

-Petula Neale

As we slide down the rabbit hole we discover how the workplace can be blended with movies and come to realise that everyone in the room thinks they are Captain America and that their approach is the best one. However different each person’s approach is we can reach the goal as long as people are all attacking the same way effectively becoming office Avengers.

Additionally, we mention P’s TIFF top five which can be found here. You can also follow her on Twitter @obesacantavit

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